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Northern Trust
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Northern Trust

Executive Summary

Northern Trust’s submission this year features robotics automation that addresses risk mitigation of potential regulatory breaches. As a large global asset manager with multiple legal entities in various countries ,having to stay on top of, and comply with various regulatory filings regarding portfolio concentrations and thresholds, the organization saw on opportunity for robotics to assist in the process. With the robot combing through multiple portfolios at the respective end of day across various time zones, and eliminating the need for analysts to coordinate and aggregate the information at an inconvenient time, eliminated both the potential for human error as well as helped with turnaround times. Once the information is collated by the robot, it is intelligent enough to determine which (of the potentially numerous) and complex forms are required to be filled out ,based on the particular situation at hand.

Ravi Gautham

Senior Vice President

We are absolutely delighted to have won the UiPath Excellence in Automation award two years in a row! Kudos to Uipath for their strong innovative and versatile product suite, as well as for their well organized competition with the indepth and critical evaluation of the nominations by the judges.