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RM Education
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Executive Summary

At RM Education Solutions, after work from home started there were ~300 employees who did not have internet connection at home, so the company sourced 300+ Internet dongles with a daily limit of 3GB data per person. However, there were a few employees who were exhausting their daily limit before the close of the day. They contact the IT and admin help desk to increase their data limit, which was executed based on approvals. This was causing delays and was also impacting customer service delivery. It was manually impossible to log in to 300+ accounts to check the balance and proactively increase their data limits. The team recharged all dongles at intervals to tackle this issue.

After RPA, the bots started to execute once every four hours to check data usage, highlight cases that need attention, and report it to the IT and admin help desk. This helped save delivery time and cost(~95000INR to ~4500INR)

Customer Testimonial

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Suresh Kerala Varma

VP – Operations

Being able to use RPA specifically to help address a Business Continuity issue that emerged due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has only spurred our ongoing desire and commitment to look for more opportunities and wins… Going Forward!