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A program fueled with transformative ideas to shape the future of work

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Pioneers of Automation is a mission to build a community of like-minded thought-leaders to shape the future of automation by igniting ideas and discussions.

UiPath aims to foster thinkers and veterans who share our collective vision of creating an automated world with limitless possibilities.

‘Pioneers of Automation’ serves as the driving force to ignite new ideas and help one reimagine the future. With insightful content contributed by industry stalwarts and nurtured by UiPath, Pioneers of Automation invites you to soak yourself in expert insights and share your ideas with the world.

From our MD’s Desk

‘Pioneers of Automation’ is an initiative that focuses to expand the adoption and impact of new technology. It is a platform where ideas, thought and conversations come together, to make way for a future of fully automated enterprises. The future is full of limitless possibilities, RPA & AI can unlock your business potential, and automation drives communities towards a greater good, it enables our endeavours and accelerates us towards achievements.

Automation is continuously evolving and creating more value and increasing scalability. By working alongside humans it is ushering an era that will reboot work to create a more sustainable impact. Machines are working alongside people, and together they are achieving new feats and enabling people to focus more on innovation and creativity.

In a fast-evolving world, it is crucial to collaborate and co-create for the future of this industry. With collective efforts, wisdom sharing, and continuous seeking we can know what is unknown. What we begin today will eventually enable people and enterprises to unlock and apply the true potential of automation.

On behalf of UiPath, I thank everyone who has joined, supported, and contributed their ideas and thoughts to enhance the impact of automation across the world.

Anil Bhasin
MD India and South Asia

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